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In 2006

Chang Chunying of tyre, the establishment of the joint venture    

  Changchun Intier automotive interiors Co. Ltd (CIAI) Beijing branch is Changshou City automotive trim (CAIP) and one of the world's top 500 Magna group (Magna) joint venture invested auto parts. Changshou City automotive trim Limited by Share Ltd (CAIP) founded in 1992 by Mr. Luo Xiaochun, the group is headquartered in Jiangsu in Changshou City Province, is one of the fastest development of the domestic private car interior integrated manufacturing enterprise. Mainly for the FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Chery automobile, Beijing Benz, Dongfeng Citroen, SAIC and Shanghai Volkswagen automobile manufacturing plant suppliers, provide supporting door inner panel assembly, the panel / auxiliary instrument panel assembly, trunk interior assembly, coat rack assembly and the skylight sunshading board and other auto parts. Scale industries continue to grow, respectively, in Jiangsu Province, Jilin Province, Changshou City City, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, Changchun, Beijing has five fully owned company, three joint ventures and Auto Technology Co Ltd. And committed to the design, development, manufacturing of automotive interior trim parts.

Frank Stronach, the founder of Magna, in 1957 in Ontario province of Canada Toronto created a named Multimate stamping workshop, which later became the magna. The Austria born entrepreneur very active career, and in 1959 to obtain general Oshawa car sun visor holder first entered the automobile business contract. In the 50 year after today, Magna have become the leader of a manufacturing, in 25 countries have operations, product development, engineering and sales center of the global automobile industry. Through innovative production process and a world class manufacturing process, more than 110000 of the Magna staff are dedicated to provide our customers with superior value service.
Products include body and chassis systems, interior and exterior trim, seats, powertrain system, electronic system, car mirror image system, locking system, roof system and vehicle engineering and assembly. Magna is a listing Corporation, our shares on the Toronto stock exchange and the New York stock exchange market market.
Changchun Intier automotive interiors Co. Ltd (CIAI) Beijing branch at present mainly for Beijing Benz supporting the production of instrument panel, door panel. The company will give full play to the advantages of foreign investment party, give priority to the needs of customers, strengthen technological innovation, is committed to providing quality products, the company will strive to create the domestic / international famous auto parts supplier.
Company employees more than 130 people. A total of two production base.

First Factory address: Beijing city Tongzhou Majuqiao Jingsheng four South Street No. 20, No. 1 building




Business license address: Beijing city Tongzhou District Zhongguancun Science Park Tongzhou Park, Jinqiao science and technology industrial base Jing Sheng four South Street No. 15 B 32B

Factory area:2618.74 M²

Second factory address: Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone in Lunan District N5M2 plots

Factory area:2025M² Changchun Intier automotive interiors Co., Ltd. Beijing branch

Add: Beijing city Tongzhou Majuqiao Jingsheng four South Street No. 20, No. 1 building