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2012 Environment Report of Changshu Automotive Trim Co., Ltd.

Date:2015年3月27日 10:54

1. Basic corporate information
(1). Company name: Changshu Automotive Trim Co., Ltd.
(2). Address: No. 288, Haiyu North Road, Changshu, Jiangsu (Zip Code: 215500)
(3). Legal representative: Luo Xiaochun
(4). Time of establishment: Feb., 2004
(5). Number of employees: 563 (deadline: Dec. 31, 2012)
(6). Site area: 339,994m2
(7). Main products: interior guard board assembly, dashboard/auxiliary dashboard assembly, hat rack assembly, trunk trim assembly, sunvisor, storage box, spare tyre cover, sound insulating pad, etc.
(8). Company size: Changshu Automotive Trim Co., Ltd. produces nearly 5 million sets of automotive trims each year.
(9). Annual output value (2012): 325,764,200 yuan.

2. Environmental management
 (1). Environmental guideline
 Solemn promise: comply with environmental laws and regulations
 Constant improvement: adhere to the technological innovation, realize prevention and control of pollution
Advocate cyclic utilization of resource
Pursuit of excellence: realize sustainable development strategy
Become customer-recognized best supplier
 (2). Environmental management organization structure
Lay down detailed environmental management documents, establish a sound environmental management organization, and perfect environmental management system and environmental protection archives management.
 Environmental management organization:
(3). Corporate environmental management system
 Compile a series of environmental management documents and lay down corporate inner management standards and systems, such as Environmental Management System, Hazardous Waste Management System and Occupational Health Management System, which provide the basis for corporate environmental management, the procedure for works and the assurance for supervision.

(4) Implementation of cleaner production
According to Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China, with the attitude of responsibility for the society, the company closely combines cleaner production concept into production, management and operation, and carries out the inspection of cleaner production as required. Through such publicity means as cleaner production training class, mobilization meeting, monthly report of safety production, information briefing, corporate intranet, etc., vigorously publicize meaning and significance of cleaner production, promote the employees’ awareness of cleaner production and environmental protection. During the production process, the company incorporates cleaner production into corporate daily management. Through the implementation of cleaner production program, the company achieves a good effect in energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency improvement, and realizes the integration of environmental, economic and social benefits. Since the first half year of 2012, the company began to carry out the first review of cleaner production. On Mar. 20, 2013, the company passed the acceptance of cleaner production organized by Changshu Economic and Information Technology Commission and Changshu Environmental Protection Bureau. 【CJXJN (2013) No. 7】

(5). Corporate environmental protection training
The company stresses on environmental protection management standard and the training of managers related to environmental protection. On the basis of related state laws and regulations, environmental management system and corporate inner environmental management documents, the company requires the managers related to environmental protection to attend the regular training, and incorporates training effect into post assessment, with a view to guaranteeing stable operation of environmental protection facilities and promoting professional skill and management level of related personnel.

(6). Environmental performance
1. The company standardized the signs of the drain outlets in 2012, and all the signboards of the drain outlets have been installed.
2. Current production equipment are characterized by high automation, good running stability, low production cost, small labour strength and safe eco-friendly clean production process, which can realize concentrated emission and comprehensive treatment of waste gases.
3. In daily environmental management, the company establishes perfect environment and occupational safety and health management system, sets up an environmental protection organization, and establishes environmental emergency plan to control and prevent environmental risk totally, in accordance with ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. The company has completed the drill of yearly emergency plan.
4. During the report, the company strictly complies with state environmental laws and regulations, carries out environmental impact assessment on construction project and “3-Simultaneous System” according to law, and applies for sewage discharge permission. Various pollution control facilities are built well, and work normally, which meet emission standard of the three wastes. The products and production process don’t contain or use the substances banned by state laws and regulations, related standards and related international conventions.

(7). Other environmental managements
During the report, the company incorporates environmental protection facilities into main production equipment to manage, stresses on maintenance and supervision of environmental protection facilities, constantly improves current waste gas and noise treatment facilities, remedies environmental risk timely, and strengthens training and examination of operation and management personnel of environmental protection facilities to guarantee stable and normal running of environmental protection facilities.

5. Abidance of environmental laws and regulations
(1). “Environmental Impact Assessment” and “3-Simultaneous System”
In the principle of “laying equal stress on production development and environmental protection”, the company strictly performs the environmental impact assessment on construction project according to the Law of People’s Republic of China on Environmental Impact Assessment, and strictly carries out environmental protection design scheme in the project implementation. The construction project conforms to the “3-Simultaneous System” (simultaneous design, simultaneous construction and simultaneous operation) of environmental protection facilities and main works according to related state laws and regulations.

(2) Pollutant emission
The company is mainly engaged in development, design, manufacturing, processing and sale of automotive trim. The main impact factors on environment due to the company’s production activity are waste gases and solid wastes.
The company is equipped with pollution treatment facilities matched with the production capacity. During the report, various environmental protection facilities run normally. According to environmental monitoring data, the company meets the emission standard of the three wastes during the report.
The yearly supervisory monitoring result is as follows:
1. Monitoring of waste water
Connect with urban sewage pipe network, and treat and discharge the sewage in the sewage treatment works in the north of the city.
2. Monitoring of waste gases
3. Monitoring of noise at boundary

(3). Disposal of common industrial solid wastes and hazardous wastes
During the report, common industrial solid wastes and hazardous wastes can be disposed according to related regulations of solid waste disposal totally. The solid waste disposal is as follows:
(4). Sewage discharge fee
According to the requirement of the Environmental Protection Bureau, domestic sewage discharge is without charge.
(5). Implementation of cleaner production
The company completed the cleaner production review report in Dec. 2012, and implemented 8 non/low fee schemes and 2 medium/high fee schemes, with total investment of 576,000 yuan. In Mar. 2013, the project passed the acceptance of the cleaner production.
During the report, the company incorporates cleaner production into corporate daily management. Through the implementation of cleaner production program, the company achieves a good effect in energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency improvement.

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