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Enterprise Culture:
CAIP Group is devoted to help our customer develop innovative and award winning valuable automotive components based on the standards of quality and craftsmanship. Group has embraced the values of our founder Mr.LuoXiaochun a successful Chinese entrepreneur who has demonstrates and lives daily the principles which provide results and benefits to our customers. The CAIP group combines the  "make it happen"  energy and work ethic of our founder with the technology and management expertise of our Magna Intier and Seeber partnerships.  With these forces,  a new company vitality has developed.
Work Principles:
Leadership -- inspired and there inspiring, motivated and responsible
Best of the best-- attracts and keeps a skilled and knowledgeable workforce
Excellence -- innovate new and ingenious improvements to products and processes
Decentralization--each JV and operations' sensitive focus and rapid response to changes in  customers needs and market conditions
Employee' s Charter:
Fairness equal opportunity
    Environment - attracts skilled and self-motivated individuals
Safety- a working environment that is safe and healthy
Share successful operation and profit sharing