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PP + cotton substrate as an environmental-friendly material is an important achievement in cyclic economic chain, which has been completely approved by the central leaders and related departments and obtained a national utility model patent in 1995, with patent No. : ZL96.230098.5. This material was authorized by Volkswagen in 1996, on this account TL52455 standard was established to promote the material applied widely. This material features thermal insulation, sound insulation and flame retardation, has no phenolic aldehyde and harmful volatile ingredients, as well as offensive odor, and is regarded as a new material substitute for wood powder fiber due to higher bending strength, extensibility and thermal stability. Now it has been widely used to produce automotive trim for Bora, Excelle, Jetta, Sail and Chery.


Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan Zeng Qinghong, in 2004 the national vice chairman, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Luo Gan and other leaders have visited my company, the company implemented the circular economy results gave full affirmation and encouragement.